After eight years, I decided maybe it wasn't the best idea anymore to have my professional journal named after the elf from that MUD I was playing when I was fourteen.*

Which is to say that this LJ has been renamed to better reflect my more boring, bespectacled, round-ears self. I do this with a bit of sadness**, since I still remember when [ profile] merriehaskell was fairmer and [ profile] cmpriest was wicked_wish. But it was kinda time.

The $15 I just paid LJ for the privilege should ensure that there's an automatic forward on links, but y'know. Adjust links accordingly etc. etc.

And in other news, I know I owe you guys a couple Iron Chef Farmshare posts, and will be doing that tonight or tomorrow morning. Honest.

*True fact, that. Also, if anyone's looking for me under that name by now, they've been trying for a really long time and probably won't be by.

**Prufrockian sadness, even!
About a day and a half after I wrote that last one, my grandmother died. I'm not saying this to solicit commiseration or condolences; I'm saying this to explain the absence, and why I'll probably be kind of low-key here for a while. I have not felt very much like having certain kinds of human contact over the past week and a half, and Being an Author is one of them. I don't really expect I'll feel much like Being an Author for a little while, at least not until this heals a little.

That said, unfortunately the tides are not yet waiting on me etc. etc. and I do have a schedule in my inbox for Ad Astra.

Saturday 10:00am, Salon 343
Post-Medieval Fantasy
A lot of fantasy is set somewhere more modern than a medieval village — and not just urban fantasy. What are examples of non-traditional fantasy settings? Should we see more such settings in fantasy?
(Shirley Meier, Leah Bobet, Kari Maaren, Karen Wehrstein)

Saturday 11:00am, Ballroom Centre
Chilling Tales: A new chapter in Canadian horror and dark fantasy
EDGE Publications is proud to announce Chilling Tales, a new continuing anthology of Canadian Horror and Dark Fantasy. Canadian dark fiction is in a renewed renaissance. Not since the late, lamented Northern Frights anthology series has there been an annual showcase of Canada's dark scribes. Come help the editor and contributors shape Canada's dark future.
(Michael Kelly (m), Leah Bobet, Suzanne Church, Michael Colangelo, Claude Lalumiere, Nancy Kilpatrick, Gemma Files, Richard Gavin, Brent Hayward, Sandra Kasturi, Ian Rogers, Brett Alexander Savory, Simon Strantzas)

Saturday 1:00pm-3:00pm, Antons
Chilling Tales Launch

Saturday 3:30-5:30pm, Ballroom East & Centre
Autograph Session

Sunday 12:00pm, Ballroom East
Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance?
You got romance in my fantasy! You got fantasy in my romance! How do you distinguish between urban fantasy and paranormal romance?
(Peter Halasz (m), Leah Bobet, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Sarah Zettel)

Sunday 2:00pm, Salon 241
Editing a novel
You’ve finished the draft of your magnum opus. Now, the real work of writing that novel begins. What should you focus on when editing your novel? What should you be aware of when confronting plotting, characters, pacing, and so forth?
(Brett Alexander Savory, Gabrielle Harbowy, Ziana de Bethune, Leah Bobet (m), Aaron Allston)

So there's that. Otherwise, as in all things, I will be at my friends' readings. Or hanging out behind the bookstore's table. Or in the bar.
leahbobet: (gardening)
Home, as of about an hour ago, despite tornado warnings, torrential rain, and one serious weather-enforced stop in Kitchener. Nothing's broken in the two blocks between the subway and home. Things were really, really quiet. I don't know how things are looking by the office, which was pretty much ground zero, but which knew it was going to be ground zero.

We'll see how things look tomorrow. I have some errands to run down on Queen Street.

Before I go run myself a bath and pour a glass of wine and try to wash two days of constant adrenaline out of my mouth, just to put this out there: This is really upsetting to me. It ranks high on the list of things that could happen in the world that would upset and frighten and hurt me. I get that to some people it's a hypothetical, that it's something that happens far away, that it's just things or it's a brick in a political platform, and I get that some people have different coping mechanisms.

To me it's very real, and for a variety of reasons, it's intensely personal. Intensely.

I'm asking everyone to please be considerate of that. I'm feeling severely wounded and vulnerable here, and it makes me snappish. Until things have settled some, until I at least know that the people and things I care about are where I left them, until I've had a chance to go down to the river or something, being considerate in this space would be appreciated.
I have finished the revision (that was in the icebox, and which you were probably saving for breakfast).

What does this mean for you? Well, apart from getting yet another insight into the fact that the publishing process is nothing if not slightly repetitive, I may actually have interesting things to say about the world and said writing process by the end of this week. I know I was boring for a month. I'm sorry. There was this revision and this dayjob and things and I got very, very tired for a while there and could not come out to play.

I did start taking notes on yet another inappropriately-timed novel idea that will really have to wait its damn turn. Yes, I am writing a reply to -- of all things -- Darkman.

Go figure.

So what've you been up to?
Hi, folks. Hope you had a good week.

I am not quite reading flist yet -- I still have a great many things that need to be done by next Saturday, and I'm sort of easing into posting here, like one tests foods in an elimination diet -- but This Is Just To Say there will be posting this week.

This is also just to say that one of the first large consequences of the Week Off the Internet is that I just pared down my friendslist big time. By big time, I'm talking by about half: 140-odd people and communities.

I'm hoping this won't be a cause for upset for anyone. This has a great deal to do with how I've been managing my time and my general investment in Things Internet (and I still find myself uncomfortable with the idea of reading filters; sorry) and the fact that I want to change both those things. There is, sadly, really just too much Internet.

If you are bothered, I'm sorry for that. It was very easy for journals to be cut, and very, very hard to stay.

Thanks, folks.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 06:29 pm
Hey, People of the Revolution:

I have been toying with trying a thing for a little bit and, for various reasons, it's looking like this week is a pretty optimal test period. So I will be taking the week off Livejournal, unless there's something super-urgent that I need to post to [ profile] ideomancer.

How this is pertinent to you?

1) If it's important, e-mail it over.
2) Nothing here but the wolves until say, Sunday or Monday.

Thank you kindly, internet, and see you Monday.
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There is something about guys who engage in that pickup thing where they insult you and look dismissive to get you to chase them and, ultimately, to get into your pants. The one that got parodied rather scathingly in "52 Pickup".

It makes me want to toy with them like little mice until they are dead.

I suspect this isn't their desired reaction.
See this?

Never assume a baking sheet is not hot. Ever. Or you will spend your afternoon in emergency feeling like a tool.
Apparently there's a desire, if you are friends with an author and the author receives a negative or less than enthusiastic review and is upset and says so on their internet platform of choice, to jump straight to "Well, that reviewer (and all of their ilk!) drinks pee and eats small blonde children and farts anti-rainbows anyway! What do they know? Once I saw them doing this thing with a goat--well, I'll tell you about that in e-mail. Slur slur slur!"

Let me put forward that, in a genre like SFF where the writers are the reviewers are the editors are the people who work in marketing? That may not be a productive urge. Reader, it is guaranteed to offend and make others sad, and then we'll just have a cascading effect of entries where someone is sad. Also we could get into the thing where stuff that really stings is stuff that someone fears is true themselves, without an external source having to lend credence to it, so saying someone else is a poopyhead won't exactly help silence that little voice that is causing the distress.

So, well...can we do the thing where we're supportive to our friends without wailing on someone else, on the internet, in their full view? I like that thing better.

This has been a test of your Internet Broadcast System.

Oh, also?

Dec. 15th, 2008 09:28 pm
Dear People Who Steal the Laptops of Writers:

If you ever cross my path, I will peel your larynx out from the bottom up with my bare goddamned hands.


For various reasons, probably half of them biochemical (I have fallen down hard on the caffeine/sugar/sleep cycle front), I find myself feeling very quiet this week. I have things to say composed in my head, but they are private. Or, more accurately, they are for private conversations and spaces, and not so much for the internets.

I think this means I need a space to read books, get my diet and sleep cycle back on track, quiet inside. For the half that's not biochemical.

Regular service will likely resume after the weekend.
Don't even ask what happened today.
Okay, sister married now. Wedding was very, very nice.

I can has an [ profile] hawkwing_lb.

Maybe...see you more Wednesday-like? *g*
Sister getting married tomorrow.

Will not be on internet.

Godspeed, and see you Tuesday.
No, this is not about writing. Sorry. I have noticed people drifting out on that count, being my copious lack of talking about writing in the past few months. All I can say is that I'm really really stupidly busy right now, and once I'm settled into my still-fresh new dayjob and my sister's married off and my convocation's done (hello, autumn of major life changes) I will get back to the serious business of making books, yelling at them, and documenting this whole process for your pleasure.

This will be in approximately ten days to two weeks. Mark your calendars.

In the meantime, had a stray thought last night about social media (while poking around Facebook between turns in the epic death battle Scrabble game I'm playing with [ profile] matociquala, [ profile] stillsostrange, and [ profile] tanaise).

I wonder if, in about ten years, people will just stop changing their names upon marriage.

Why? Well, it's already on the way out in North America for various social reasons. But the question is, well, one of social networking. Name changes make it ridiculously difficult to locate someone in the Internetverse; it's your best search string, the centre of your unique identifier -- not the whole of it for most people, but the centre. If you don't already have the information of the change, it's not impossible to corroborate that this is, in fact, the same person; there's always marriage announcements, things like that. But it's considerably harder than it would be otherwise, and you rely on people's archiving, on persistence and luck.

In looking through friends-of-friendslists last night, it occurred to me that there are people from most of my life I may not get a chance to reconnect with anymore. They've married and changed their names, and tracking them down will be difficult at best. The unbroken paper trail, data trail, public narrative of one's life is severed, at least partially, when you change your name. It's the same reason we keep our old e-mail addresses or send out change-of-address massmail when we change them; that LJ thought to automatically redirect links from an old LJ name to the new one upon a change; that we tend to stick to the same online handles/identities. So people can find us. If they come looking, we are here.

What I'm betting is that for those of us who grew up (to a partial degree, even) with that sense of...being receptive to connection, of carefully maintaining our data trail with either an eye to privacy or narrative completeness?

That's going to soon be more important than the social statement that changing one's family name at marriage is.

Now I just wait ten or twenty years and find out if I'm right.


Mar. 17th, 2008 02:02 pm
Aurora Award nominations end tonight.

Here is the page with the online nominations.

Here is the Canadian SF wiki with a (partial) list of eligible works -- one noticeable omission is The New Moon's Arms, which is my top nominee in the novel category.

If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, do your duty to your country your local SF scene just 'cause.

This has been a PSA. *g*


Feb. 28th, 2008 04:05 pm
As spring (hopefully) comes on the hills and valleys, the thoughts of young writers turn to giving each other awards.

That is to say, the deadline for nominating for The Hugos is midnight on Saturday (for attendees of this or last year's Worldcon), and the deadline for nominating for the Aurora Awards is approaching -- March 17th (for Canadians).

Since the field of Canadian-authored works is narrower, there's a great list of Aurora-eligible (and other award-eligible) works at The Canadian SF Works Database, which I have touted before and will again as a brilliant little idea.

Nominate early, nominate...well, not often, but tell your friends to do it too.

And watch her post that PSA without once! mentioning her own work!

*dances offscreen with a top hat and cane*
(Okay, it's my day to spam LJ. Last one, I promise.)

Looking for someone versed in data extraction or the fixing of a hard drive that has failed in the Boston area. I have a friend who's had hers fail during her finals week, carrying some important work with it, and she's needing to get it fixed soon-to-now if possible.

If anyone has said expertise or knows where to get it for a reasonable (student!) price, Friend and I would both be very grateful. Just reply here -- she'll be watching the post.

Thanks, guys. :) Much appreciated, in advance.
I appear to have gone out drinking with the girls Saturday night and then woken up, groggy-eyed and confused, next to Someone Else's Sick the morning after.

(It is [ profile] ksumnersmith's sick. I sincerely hope that if it's shacked up with me, it's at least left her alone.)

So I am feverish and headachy and full of snot and having intermittent difficulties with things like spelling and balance. If you need something from me, now is not the time it will be happening. You will be notified when service resumes.
Via [ profile] suricattus:
there is apparently a "social networking site" that got hold of one person in the horror/sf field, and, er, Retrieved that person's address book and sent invites to everyone in it. One of those people was me. Because the person in question is generally trustworthy, I made the mistake of clicking to see what hir was trying to talk me into. I backed out quickly, but the damage may have been done.

I got two of these invitations tonight, from a site called Quechup, and so I did a little googling around. This site apparently asks to take a look at your address book in the signup process to see how many other people are already on, and then without letting you know, spams everyone in it who isn't signed up.

Many bloggers are apparently very angry.

'Ware! 'Ware the annoyance and the underhanded programming-in of spam!

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