Mostly, these days, in flux.

I'm finding myself less and less sure what I want to do with this space lately -- and withdrawing a little from social media in general, to be honest. I don't always remember that I'm a bit of an introvert, and I don't always act like it, but working from home and not having twenty cheerful people in my face every weekday to yank me out of that shell has kind of exacerbated that tendency. I find myself with less to say. Or less impulse to be saying it all over the Internet.

I'm pretty much fine with that. It's just a question of what I do with this blog.

I've been thinking of doing some real blogging on the website, and streaming it through to here. I've been thinking of shutting it down. I've been thinking I don't think I want to regularly post metrics anymore (and haven't been for over a month, although On Roadstead Farm progresses apace) because the posting of them stopped being motivating and just got a little stressful: one more bit of work to do every day.

So...what do you think?

If you're still here as a reader, what kind of thing would you care to see?
There appear to be new people about the house. Hello, new people!

Tonight has been eaten by my sister's birthday and some crankiness (doesn't bear repeating), and I have to go to bed now because work starts at what o'clock tomorrow.

This is not content. Stay tuned. :p
Hi, folks. Hope you had a good week.

I am not quite reading flist yet -- I still have a great many things that need to be done by next Saturday, and I'm sort of easing into posting here, like one tests foods in an elimination diet -- but This Is Just To Say there will be posting this week.

This is also just to say that one of the first large consequences of the Week Off the Internet is that I just pared down my friendslist big time. By big time, I'm talking by about half: 140-odd people and communities.

I'm hoping this won't be a cause for upset for anyone. This has a great deal to do with how I've been managing my time and my general investment in Things Internet (and I still find myself uncomfortable with the idea of reading filters; sorry) and the fact that I want to change both those things. There is, sadly, really just too much Internet.

If you are bothered, I'm sorry for that. It was very easy for journals to be cut, and very, very hard to stay.

Thanks, folks.
Given the hours of the new dayjob and my general list of things what need doing, this friendslist is just way too large.

I have snipped it. Just now.

If your journal was among those snipped and you're not one of those people who hasn't posted since like, early 2006 (I cleaned up a bunch of those while I was there), I am sorry. But my friendslist, it is just way too large.
Two more reviews of Clockwork Phoenix drifted into my inbox (or, well, the realm which I survey) this weekend:

[ profile] will_couvillier on the whole really likes it, and says about "Bell, Book, and Candle":
“Bell, Book, and Candle” by Leah Bobet paints a fine picture of the personification of ritual, and how as time in human form creates human dissatisfaction with role. In here, you will see how ages-old exorcism prop handles living and growth, and the desire to have purpose. And how the ancient haunting memory of another existence eases in...

And Nick Gevers at Locus says good things about the book, which are already on the internet over at [ profile] time_shark's place.

Also, I notice there are a significant more of you reading here than last time I checked. Oh noes! Observers!

Introduce yourself if you'd like, if you're new or newish or just quiet and feel moved to do so? :)

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