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May 23, 2013 Progress Notes:

On Roadstead Farm

Words today: 1500.
Words total: 70,000.
Reason for stopping: P. is home with Vietnamese.  We're going to make a mango salad to go with it, because I has a recipe.

Darling du Jour: "I need you, Thom," she said again, and her pockets were empty of river stones. Her hand stilled on the last three; they fell, and ran through her fingertips. The stars glowed, gap-toothed, silent, and my breath held, wishing for magic. Wishing for a miracle.
The minutes stretched. The word-spell bowed under their weight and shattered.

(Alternately: "Marthe had lived on Roadstead Farm long enough to know this wasn't a place prayers were answered." I have two today.)

Mean Things: Hiding someone with the junk and broken things, and fully realizing that as a metaphor; magic, when it does not work; raw, unfiltered grief; making me cry; excellent grossness; an impromptu stoning, and not the drug-related kind.

Research Roundup: Mapwork, as figuring out what towns survived the apocalypse and which didn't is a continuing challenge; the colour of unoxygenated blood.
Books in progress: [livejournal.com profile] matociquala, Range of Ghosts.

Dreams about snakes last night.  I do not like snakes.


A quick fix-it pass on Chapter 12, and most of Chapter 13 knocked down, as well as a bit of general forward through this little arc.  We have officially broken the 70,000-word threshold.  I don't imagine I'll keep that, though; there's a lot in this file that's stale-dated, debris of directions this book isn't going anymore.  Things are going to come out; a bunch of things came out today, in fact.  I have no idea what the actual functional wordcount is right now, or what of the bits forward are going to be kept.

I made myself cry.  That...felt good, to do that again.

Further: It's interesting how I forget that this is functionally and structurally epic fantasy, as well as Sinclair Lewis/Margaret Laurence Canadian literary fiction.  The amount of details, maps, characters, distances to keep in my head just balloons more every day.  The notes file has doubled in the last week or so.  It gives me ideas for a front-piece map, which would in and of itself be a wonderfully genre-subversive thing to do, given that this is a story where, largely, the protagonist does not leave home.

Dinner.  I'll finish this chapter and take on the next tomorrow.
So. I appear to need a new laptop.

Any recommendations re: something that's decently portable, won't break my wallet into tiny pieces, reliable, and will give me a few good years of use? Major functions of this laptop will include writing and internetting; no graphics work or gaming or whatever need apply.

1) No Macs, please. Sorry. I find the operating system on them completely counterintuitive, and while I appreciate that people looooove to preach about their Macs, it's my laptop and I like to be able to work it with minimum fuss or swearing.
2) No Tiny!Laptops, please. I have large, womanly hands and will probably need a standard-sized keyboard to not experience frustration.

Thank you!
Does anyone have any data/experiences on the value, drawbacks, whatever of doing an MFA?

Management thanks you in advance. *g*
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Spot poll, my monkeys. I need to verify a social trending hunch.

[Poll #1517089]

SCIENCE thanks you.
So if I were to have one character on the floor, in shock, with a nasty, bleedy, but ultimately not life-threatening gunshot graze on the head, and another who's pondering feeding her a codeine pill for the pain, would this be a good idea or a bad idea on his part? As in, is this destined to cause terrible complications and/or endanger her life further?

Your writer thanks you.


Nov. 6th, 2009 10:04 pm
So, guys. ConFusion?

Yes, no, worth it?
Anyone have any recommendations for a herbal, decaf something from Teavana? Despite having fifteen thousand and four kinds of tea, I've noticed my decaf options are looking a bit limited of late, and I've got the chance to get in on a Teavana order this week. No rooibos please, we're British already well-stocked with that.
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What might I do with THIS MUCH fresh organic locavore farmer's market coriander?
Internets, I require your assistance.

Today was to be International Blue Fucking Hair Day, the day to celebrate when I got my hair cut a bit shorter and put kickass awesome blue streaks into it. It is not so, because the salon with which I had the appointment did not have blue dye, would not use blue dye I brought, and was not willing to helpfully discuss alternative ideas with me, but opted to condescend to and patronize me instead. Clearly for wanting something they could not provide for me, I was an idiot and an asshole. I know some of you guys are fans of Jonathan Torch, but after that? Fuck that guy. I will not be told that I'm an idiot for wanting to do what I want to do with my own head.

The upshot? I still need my blue hair.

I know some of you also have awesome hair to which you do awesome things regularly. Can anyone local recommend me a hair place that will not give me shit, but give me awesome blue-streaked hair?

Thank you.
It's official, Doctor. I have the post-novel ennui.

For the uninitiated, this feels sort of like your brain turning itself inside out, chewing its way through into its empty, empty centre, and then hollering at you like a cat because there's nothing inside it and it's hungry and it wants to play and and and--

And you ask it what it wants to eat or do or be, and it goes "I'unno," and keeps on chasing its own tail around the kitchen floor while hollering at the top of its lungs.

I really don't like this bit.

Not so unrelatedly as it might seem: I know there are a couple People What Know for this question hanging around here.

Are there any good goth clubs left in the city since Savage closed? I need to dance my head quiet, and my living room isn't quite cutting it.
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And springing from the previous post like a daisy:

[livejournal.com profile] coffeeem: "I think it's time we asked the really important question here:

"Tea bags? Are Americans really so fixated on convenience, so limited in their tastes, that they no longer consume loose tea?

"Or are they afraid the very concept of "looseness" will be too much for impressionable, weak-minded citizens to resist?"

[livejournal.com profile] cristalia: "I now want a Loose Tea for Loose Women icon.

"Full of sexy, sexy darjeeling."

I don't have working Photoshop. But I will pay a hefty bounty for this icon.

In blood.

(Or maybe chocolate.)
Okay, there is like nothing on my to read shelf. Nothing. I have one Sean Stewart I'm picking at and The Icarus Girl and Don Quixote and really that's it. Finito. Toast.

Clicking the books tag will inform you of what I like to read, just so we don't confuse "what I think everyone on god's green earth should like" with "what Leah specifically likes".

Someone pimp me some good books? 'Cause I need something to read before I chew off my own arm.
November 8, 2008 Progress Notes:

The Enchanted Generation

Words today: 250.
Words total: 250.
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
250 / 100,000

Reason for stopping: I need to do some serious reading before I go any farther.
Munchies: Spicy tuna roll and water.

Darling du Jour: It was whiter inside, where the roses-and-gold enamel never got. We had worn it yellowed with decades of tea and lips lightly touching, and never noticed a thing.

Mean Things: Breaking the last good teacup.
Research Roundup: Whether it was 'dinner' or 'supper' in 1919 England; history of Wedgwood china; musk roses; popular girls' names for 1900; some inquiry with [livejournal.com profile] katallen about Scottish-English relations in the early 1900s; history of the University of Edinburgh.
Books in progress: Richard Adams, Watership Down.
The glamour: Groceries, dishes. I was not half as virtupus as I should have been today. I remain a bit quiet and fried.

This is the first time words on this project have been substantial enough to do a post. It throws me a bone here and there every few weeks -- a plot point, a central symbol (tonight), something -- and I'll take some notes and add a sentence or two. This time it was a couple paragraphs. So the log has been created. We start somewhere.

I know there are some historians and librarians along here, so I'm throwing it out for the crowd: can anyone recommend some good social histories of Britain in the 1918-1939 era, or any particular scholars to avoid (for example, Robert Graves Y/N?)? I'm looking for daily life over meta-political analysis. If anyone has suggestions, I will be much obliged and probably buy you a beer.


Oct. 21st, 2008 03:40 pm
My spam tone appears to have changed.

The bulk of the spam I've got over the past three weeks isn't the Viagra/gambling/whatever anymore, it's sketchy job offer spam.

Anyone else experiencing this? Sign of the times?
Okay. So we hear a lot in the news about how there are all these homes that have been foreclosed on across (mostly) the U.S. and are now sitting empty, to the point where they are spray-painting the dead lawns of whole neighbourhoods to try and sell these homes.

And on the other hand, we also have Habitat For Humanity, an organization devoted to building new homes for people who cannot afford them.

Is there any charity out there that's, well, cutting out the middleman? Buying up these terrifically cheap foreclosed homes, and maybe fixing them up as needed, and then giving them to people who cannot afford homes?

If so, I would like to know as to give them money.

If not...well, why not?
--okay, guys? Bridesmaid dresses.

Where, how, and generally how much?

(It's a mid-fall wedding and I need to either have sleeves to the elbow or a jacket at least to the elbow, and ankle-length/floor-length hem. Colour is not an object.)
June 26, 2008 Progress Notes:


Words today: 1500.
Words total: 58,000 MS Word, 70,000 SMF.
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
70,000 / 85,000

Reason for stopping: Round number, and my fingers hurt. And I need to think.
Munchies: Buddha's Delight and vegan chocolate cake, which was good going down but sits like a rock.

Darling du Jour: A light goes off in the house 'cross from us. A dinner-light – people long risen from the table and the dishes cleared, the washing-up all done, a family made of Mama and Papa and little kids putting themselves away to beds made of soft mattress and dreams that don't push in on morning, dreams that stay where they're put between the pillows, in the dark.
New shadows fall across us, a stripe of light taken away, put down to bed as well. I wonder if it touches Doctor Marybeth, looking out her window, walking on the shadows that come of touching too deep the world below the tunnels, the old sewers, and the new.

Words Matthew Won't Admit to Knowing: conviction, amend, belabor
Mean Things: Shame. Schizophrenia. Shame. Awful Troofs. Shame.
Research Roundup: Inpatient services at the Queen Street CAMH, criteria for getting committed in Ontario, schizophrenia. Apparently electroshock therapy is still a treatment regularly used for schizophrenia. This...I'm not done squicking from knowing that yet and I read it an hour and a half ago.
Books in progress: John Crowley, The Solitudes.
The glamour: The job-application tango, garden, and [livejournal.com profile] monkeyman's birthday dinner.

I know there are some Faithful Readers here who have a better understanding of the ins and outs of mental diagnoses than I do: is it at all plausible for symptoms of schizophrenia to pattern like abuse trauma to the untrained eye? I need to do a thing because of a thing that I set up way back long ago in chapter one, and I'm not sure if it stands up to real life.

Thank you in advance if you can give me some definite facts. If not, I will make a call to CAMH and scare some mental health professionals with my seemingly motiveless prying.
Okay, I have had it with this desktop. It has gone senile. It is going out to pasture.

I am getting a new desktop.

Required activities will be internetting, some good graphics/audio since I want to play City of Heroes again sometime this decade, and not sucking balls.

Anyone have any recommendations?
O Livejournal, I petition you for your knowledge.

I am applying for an arts grant (specifically, a Toronto Arts Council grant). I am putting together my literary resume for this thing as we speak.

Do we know how grants committees generally feel about genre publications? In other words, is it in my best interests to pretend I don't have these pro credits, as they will be meaningless and icky dirty genre to said body of persons who I want to give me money?

All thoughts appreciated.

Bio Terror

Sep. 19th, 2007 09:45 pm
Throwing this one out to the crowd.

If you were to read a 500-750 word bio of someone who was being a featured author in a magazine, what sorts of things would you care to know?


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