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May 20, 2013 Progress Notes:

On Roadstead Farm

Words today: 1400.
Words total: 65,450.
Reason for stopping: I might still be running on west coast time, but it's really late.

Darling du Jour: "I saw him once," Lieutenant Jackson said, softer. "From a distance, in our camp once the Wicked God was slaughtered. He walked so tall, even with everything we'd been through; walked like a man who could find his way through anything. Made a man want to follow him; see how it's done. Perhaps you could turn out like that yourself, it made you think."
Mean Things: Secrets and secrets and lies and lies.

Research Roundup: Herons in flight.
Books in progress: [livejournal.com profile] matociquala, Range of Ghosts.

We are back from Nebula Weekend, not much the worse for wear despite two full days that were just airports, and airplanes, and plus one day in the park this afternoon to fill the well back up.  I may write that up properly tomorrow; I might not.  I will try, if fiction's going well enough.

I do not write very well on planes.  I managed maybe 500 words, all told, all weekend (although they were super-productive ones that put a serious plot point together, and that's my new lodestar for the time being).  This is the beginning of making up for that: the wholesale killing of Chapter 11 tonight, and a good start into Chapter 12.

Tomorrow's goal: Take down Chapter 12 too, and crunch right on ahead.  It's time this thing got done already.

Spring’s finally sticking around here, and I am daring to leave my writer cave.  Which means: A bucket of upcoming public appearances!  Behold the list of them!

  • If you’re interested in hearing about the writing process, Toronto’s underground spaces, and the secrets of cities, I’m doing a Keep Toronto Reading event on just those things on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 7pm, at the Kennedy/Eglinton branch of the Toronto Public Library.  There will be books for sale at this one, if only a handful!
  • The Apocalypse Tour is riding again, with a few Southern Ontario dates!  On Thursday, May 2, 2013, we’ll be at Essa Public Library’s Angus Branch in Angus, Ontario at 4pm — and by we, we mean Megan Crewe, Adrienne Kress, Maureen McGowan, and Cheryl Rainfield.
  • On May 4 at 2pm, Megan, Maureen, Cheryl, and I will descend upon Chapters South London to answer questions, sign books, and terrorize the populace.  There’s a Facebook event page here if you’re minded to RSVP, and it’ll be Maureen’s birthday, so a good round of the happy birthday song is welcomed and encouraged!
  • On May 5 at 2pm, Megan, Maureen, Cheryl, and Courtney Summers will finish this mini-leg of the Apocalypse Tour without me at Chapters Oshawa, because I am flaking to lead a Jane’s Walk that afternoon.


  • Finally, I will be at the Nebula Awards Weekend in San Jose, CA, from May 16-19, 2013.  I plan to have a kicky awards dress and a minimum of jet lag.

And that’s the news!

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I am going to the 2013 Nebula Weekend in San Jose to watch that award be announced in person. With Mr. P. Because he said there's no way I'm winning (or losing) a Nebula without him there.

I will now put my head between my knees and breathe slowly while contemplating how much I just put on my credit card.
Not much to actually talk about these days: revising continues apace, with a hiccup in the form of my favourite tea shop/work hangout closing last week. RIP, T Cafe. I will miss your smoked duck sandwich and the triple-decker grilled cheese and the pitchers of brewed iced white tea that were only a couple bucks each, and now I need to find somewhere else to work that has wifi and plugs that work and actually stays open to a decent evening hour.

The rest of the week's been taken up by little things: setting up the wireless router, finally; hanging posters; mac and cheese at the Vic; figuring out the shopping list for the housewarming party this weekend; marathoning Vampire Diaries with Dr. My Roommate; a fruit pick down by College that netted me eleven pounds of fresh red grapes. Figuring out what to do with eleven pounds of fresh red grapes, which is still in progress.

I am knitting a fuzzy sweater, because it is cold.

Some scattered writery half-news stuff going on, in the middle of all the revising:

Unfortunately Best American Fantasy is closing up shop. Because there won't be an anthology this year, they've posted the list of stories that were under consideration for the fourth volume, and "Six" is included.

The full nomination stats for this year's Hugos are up, and as [livejournal.com profile] papersky would put it, apparently "Sugar" came twenty-first out of five, with 11 nominations. This is ultimately meaningless, but rather neat: both for me and for the rest of the Shadow Unit crew.

And my fingers are cold, so it's back to knitting. And vampires. And knitting.
A few very nice things fell into my inbox in the past few days. I show you them.

1) Via the eagle eyes of [livejournal.com profile] wistling, the Spring 2010 issue of On Spec is due to drop sometime soon. It has some fantastic cover art:

It contains "A Thousand," which is a story about Vancouver, cranes both paper and living, some of the problems of cultural miscommunication, and people being drastically unfair to each other. It also has fiction by that selfsame [livejournal.com profile] wistling (as his alter ego, Campbell nominee Tony Pi) and [livejournal.com profile] tinaconnolly, who are both cool people whose work I admire.

2) [livejournal.com profile] slushmaster informs me that the illustration artist Gary Lippincott did for "Mister Oak", which appeared in the February 2010 issue of Realms of Fantasy (and was probably one of the nicest illustrations I've ever had) is going to be reprinted in Spectrum 17, which will be out in November. It is a fantastic painting and totally deserves to be petted and made much of. Congrats, Gary!

3) Ian Tregillis, OWW alumnus and awesome dude extraordinare, had his first novel, Bitter Seeds, come out this week from Tor Books. You should read it.

4) Ted Kosmatka, whom we have published in Ideomancer and who is likewise an awesome dude, sold his first novel, The Helix Game, to Del Rey this week. Sight unseen, I can tell you that eventually, when it comes out? You should read it.

5) I had high tea last night. Nom.
--things have silted up into my inbox and accumulated.

One of them is my draft Ad Astra panel schedule, which is as follows:

Fri 8:00PM, Salon 241
Fairytale Inspiration: Leah Bobet (m), Ken Lillie-Paetz, Miriam Harrison, Marie Bilodeau
Why retell stories that many people already know, and likely grew up with? How do you use elements of fairytales effectively? What can they bring to your story?

Fri 10:00PM, Salon 241
Diversity Balance in SF/Fantasy Anthologies: Leah Bobet (m), Marc Mackay, Derwin Mak, Ryan McFadden, Gavin Stephens
Are women and racial minorities being given fair representation in anthologies? Is this an issue? What are the best ways for a publication to broaden its range of authors and to reach out beyond its "comfort zone"?

Sat 6:00PM, Salon 443
Reading: Leah Bobet, Sarah Jane Elliott

Sun 12:00PM, Salon 243
Not Your Bitch! - Entitlement: Leah Bobet, Gemma Files, Violette Malan (m), Marcy Italiano, J.M. Frey
What responsibilities, if any, do creators have to their fans? Are fans entitled to anything?

Sun 2:00PM, Salon 243
Business Basics of Writing: Leah Bobet (m), Karina Sumner-Smith, James Allan Gardner, Jana Paniccia

I am super excited about that last one, since it's my hobbyhorse suggestion, and I am super excited to be reading with Sarah. I'm also amused that this is the second year in a row where my panel schedule will reflect that I read the internet, but yanno. Someone's got to.

Some of the other things that washed up in the ol' inbox were the usual run of reviews and reviewlike objects:

Joe Sherry at Adventures in Reading has "Sugar" on his Hugo nomination ballot, as well as a bunch of stuff from Shadow Unit and assorted friends of.

(Incidentally, I did my own Hugo nominations while away, and nominated four writers for the Campbell, all of whom I think do good work and/or have the potential to do even better work. All of them happened to be writers of colour, three of whom are women, two of whom aren't US-based and one more of whom isn't US-raised. This was not consciously planned; it kinda just happened that way. So as an aside to the people for whom SFF is a really white, male, US-centric place? The new face of science fiction is up here. Srsly.)

Also, there's a double-barrelled review of the February 2010 Realms of Fantasy at Tangent Online, and both reviewers appear to have liked "Mister Oak".

Okay, that covers stuff I need to slap up on the blog for this working day. And it is nice and sunny out, if not as sunny as it was in Arizona, and I would like to make myself something vegetably for dinner while I still have the daylight. 'Scuse me.
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1) The Sparkly Purple Girly Laptop arrived this evening, in plenty of time for me to load it up for the forthcoming trip to Arizona (aka CupcakeCon, aka the Tucson Festival of Books, aka Esteban Reyes's Birthday Bash). It's charging itself up on my floor as we speak:

(Yes, I also have a cobalt blue mouse. Girly girl girl!)

Her name is apparently Lillian Lovelace Gish. I don't know why. I think it's like puppies: you have to hold them in your arms before you know what they're really supposed to be called.

2) Three of the Nebula nominees polled for the SF Signal Mind Meld on what other works of fiction were also Nebula-worthy this year mentioned either my bad self or "The Parable of the Shower". I am tickled. I will now call myself a Writer's Writer for a week.

3) Two more quick reviews: One blogger likes "Bears", and another didn't like "Mister Oak".

And three things will have to make a post tonight, because I need to either do some quick laundry or fix a lunch for tomorrow. And then maybe, dare we hope, write words?
What're you nominating, or what would you nominate if you had the chance? What do you think is worth directing one's reading attention to?
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Yeah, I've been quiet this week. It hasn't been a great one here at the Casa: two funerals to attend, ongoing water problems (nothing says "I love you" like stepping into the shower in the morning, turning the taps, and having nothing come out), no writing, and a resultant general malaise. Emo writer has been emo. Luckily, going out to Lesley Livingston's totally excellent book launch for Darklight last night -- and the prospect of some Winterlicious dinner reservations -- seems to have dealt with most of it. Heading out to the market for good cheese and pierogies should hopefully put paid to the rest. Regular service to resume shortly.

That means I'm going to unload on you all the bits and bobs of story news that piled up while I was off contemplating skinny jeans, long bangs, and mine own navel.

TTA Press, which publishes Interzone, is having their favourite stories and art of 2009 readers' poll. "Miles to Isengard" is available for voting if the spirit so moves you, as are other stories like [livejournal.com profile] eugie's "Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast". Which I enjoyed, thankya.

Lois Tilton at IROSF (which appears to be closing next issue) reviews "Mister Oak": mostly a summary and "A fanciful fable." She also reviews the December Ideomancer, without complaint.

Last and maybe most interestingly, "The Parable of the Shower" appears to be getting Nebula recs, or so say my SFWA-member spies. I am bemused and interested by this! Beats the hell out of me! But if you're so moved to throw more of those on the pile, this appears to be a good time to do it.

(Yes, that is the most award-campaigning anyone will ever get out of me. Still Canadian here, people.)

And with that, I still have no pierogies or parmigiano reggiano (and learned A Lesson last night about trying to make alfredo sauce with inferior parmesan byproduct. Never do this) and need to take myself to St. Lawrence to rectify that shit. And buy some yeast. Because I'm out of bread too, and we can't be having that.
Okay, so I asked, and you answered, and the overwhelming consensus was that I should get over myself and just post what I've got eligible for nominations this year. The first half of that equation is still in process (heh) but enough to handle the second.

Sugar, Shadow Unit 2x02, April 2009.

Short Stories
"Bell, Book, and Candle" in Clockwork Phoenix, Mike Allen, ed., July 2008.
"Kimberley Ann Duray is Not Afraid" in Strange Horizons, week of September 29, 2008.
"Boxing Day" in H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror #5, April 2009.
"The Parable of the Shower" in Lone Star Stories #33, June 2009.
"Six" in Clockwork Phoenix 2, July 2009.
"Mister Oak" in Realms of Fantasy, February 2010 (release December 2009, according to [livejournal.com profile] slushmaster).

Obviously I wrote none of it, but would urge people to consider anything published in Ideomancer this year. Because our authors are awesome, yo.

That being said, if I was eligible to nominate stuff for the Nebula I would be nominating:

The City and the City, China Mieville
The Manual of Detection, Jedediah Berry
The Love We Share Without Knowing, Christopher Barzak
"Intertropical Convergence Zone", Nadia Bulkin, in ChiZine #37
"Miles Blows His Last", Jason L. Corner, in Ideomancer, Sept. 2009
"The Promise of Touch", Steven Mohan, Jr., in Ideomancer, March 2009.
"each thing I show you is a piece of my death", Gemma Files and Stephen J. Barringer, Clockwork Phoenix 2, July 2009.
"Snow Dragons," Elizabeth Bear, Subterranean Press, Summer 2009.

That is most of what truly knocked me on my ass this year.

There you have it, and I'm going back to work now.
November 22, 2009 Progress Notes:

"The Closet Monster"

Words today: 1000.
Words total: 2100.
Reason for stopping: This is not really how I meant to spend my afternoon, and I need to fix some dinner.

Books in progress: Emma Bull, Territory.
The glamour: Nothing! I wrote when I was supposed to kitchen-clean and cook ahead for the work week! I am clearly a bad person and a shirker who will be eating cafeteria next week if she doesn't shape up.

Okay, this weekend could stand to be two days longer at this point, for one thing. I haven't managed to get over last week yet, and my apartment is still messy and sleep debt still extant. Stupid murderous last few weeks of legislative session.

In other news, the mob has spoken and I will probably make the Nebula post. It was pointed out to me by a couple people that yes, there is a difference between putting it out there and walking away to do something else and award-whoring, and while I'm still somewhat conflicted on the topic, it's likely preferable to not have Nick Cave remember you as one of the ones who died for the lack of it. I'll get to that tomorrow, then, if I have time for it.

Okay, cooking. Cafeteria food must be avoided at all costs.
It is Nebula time from now until February 15th. Many persons of my acquaintance are posting their eligible works. This means I need to go to you, the people, with something:

[Poll #1486929]
Everyone go congratulate [livejournal.com profile] matociquala on her nice new Hugo. :D


May. 19th, 2008 05:27 pm
Okay, since I was stupid and lost track of time, I didn't post a reminder to vote for the Aurora Awards. However, they were awarded this weekend at Keycon, and here's the results:

Best Long-Form Work in English:
The New Moon's Arms by Nalo Hopkinson (Warner)

Best Long-Form Work in French:
Cimetière du musée by Diane Boudreau (du Phoenix)

Best Short-Form Work in English:
"Like Water in the Desert" by Hayden Trenholm (Challenging Destiny)

Best Short-Form Work in French:
"Sur la plage des Èpaves" by Laurent MacAllister (Solaris)

Best Work in English (Other):
Under Cover of Darkness edited by Julie E. Czerneda & Jana Paniccia (DAW)

Best Work in French (Other):
No nominations.

Artistic Achievement:
Lar deSouza

Fan Achievement (Fanzine):
No award.

Fan Achievement (Organizational):
Penny Lipman

Fan Achievement (Other):
Paul Bobbitt (editor of The Voyageur)

Lifetime Achievement:
Dennis Mullin

I am thrilled that The New Moon's Arms won this year, since it was one of my favourite books of 2007 and, I felt, just all-around one of the best books that came out, Canadian or not, in the whole year. I whooped. :)

I am also thrilled that Under Cover of Darkness was recognized, since [livejournal.com profile] thesandtiger and Julie Czerneda did such a great job putting the book together and working to promote it in ways that were fun (obligatory disclosure: I was one of the planners for the ARG run at Ad Astra 2007 to do said promotion. And it was fun!).

Congrats to all the winners and nominees both!


Mar. 17th, 2008 02:02 pm
Aurora Award nominations end tonight.

Here is the page with the online nominations.

Here is the Canadian SF wiki with a (partial) list of eligible works -- one noticeable omission is The New Moon's Arms, which is my top nominee in the novel category.

If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, do your duty to your country your local SF scene just 'cause.

This has been a PSA. *g*


Mar. 1st, 2008 04:56 pm
I am informed that "Three Deaths", which appeared in Lone Star Stories #21, has been nominated for the 2008 long form Rhysling Award.

I think they're giving them out at Readercon again this year, so I even get to fancy up and lose in person. :)



Feb. 28th, 2008 04:05 pm
As spring (hopefully) comes on the hills and valleys, the thoughts of young writers turn to giving each other awards.

That is to say, the deadline for nominating for The Hugos is midnight on Saturday (for attendees of this or last year's Worldcon), and the deadline for nominating for the Aurora Awards is approaching -- March 17th (for Canadians).

Since the field of Canadian-authored works is narrower, there's a great list of Aurora-eligible (and other award-eligible) works at The Canadian SF Works Database, which I have touted before and will again as a brilliant little idea.

Nominate early, nominate...well, not often, but tell your friends to do it too.

And watch her post that PSA without once! mentioning her own work!

*dances offscreen with a top hat and cane*

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