Most of today was consumed in buying a new winter coat. My current one is too short, having been bought when I was 18; has lost most of its buttons and flaps open in the cold breeze, having been bought when I was 18; has a lining that is completely shredded, having been bought...

The new coat is pretty much the same coat -- a basic pea coat type thing in fine black wool -- except it is longer (down to my knee or thereabouts instead of just under the butt), has all its buttons and its lining, warmer, much better tailored, and was bought when I was 26. If it lasts as long as the last one did, I can feel less guilty about how much it cost. I chose it over another (probably warmer) black wool coat that went down to the ankle because it had the tailoring and I felt less like I was wearing a sack made of sheeps. I have deemed that acceptable vanity because if I'm dropping money on a coat to last eight years, I had better like it.

In the searching for the coat we discovered that Mountain Equipment Co-op has a climbing wall. Sadly, I did not climb it, because I was wearing a skirt and stripy socks today and all the outdoorsmen don't need to see my panties.

(Must remember to bring emergency climbing shorts to MEC next time I go. I coulda sent that wall, boss.)

A couple more reviews:

The Fix seems to like "Furnace Room Lullaby" as a story, but is lukewarm on the sound effects.

Meanwhile, [ profile] alankria counts "Bell, Book, and Candle" as one of her favourites from Clockwork Phoenix and gives the anthology as a whole a very positive review.

A.C. Wise dubs "Kimberley Ann Duray Is Not Afraid" recommended reading.

I find it somewhat shocking, lately, how much reviewage is showing up in my inbox compared to the amount of work I'm actually doing. :p

Said work should commence now, after I fix some nachos. Mmm. Nachos.
Tonight was my second shot at a climbing gym -- the first one being in Madison with [ profile] stillsostrange, [ profile] truepenny, and [ profile] matociquala on the Thursday of the con. Tonight was at the Rock Oasis, home of a severely condescending desk guy and a whole lot of 40 ft. walls. Some of them are 60 ft. walls too, but we didn't even touch those.

After convincing the condescending desk guy that yes, I did know my head from my posterior (and having [ profile] delta_november be my Responsible Harness Adult), mostly traded belays with [ profile] jo_etal, who is also fairly new at this. Sent two 5.4s and got most of the way up a 5.3 that went, well, forty feet and spectated at the better climbers of the group a bunch between them. And then we had some dinner.

Dunno if this shall be a regular thing, but there was some talk of it, as it was a very nice time.

In conclusion: My fingers hurt. Sending walls is fun. And I am heavily considering upping my gym attendance to reduce the amount of self I will be hauling up walls. Self, you're heavy.

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