September 29, 2015 Progress Notes:

The Robot Monuments

Words today: 600.
Words total: 8,050.
Reason for stopping: Sleep time. Big day tomorrow, lots to do.

Darling du Jour: She thinks of fish fins, flickering just enough to push the body along. Darting in and out of the current at will, tasting ocean. Exploring.

Research Roundup: N/A.

Books in progress: China Mieville, Three Moments of an Explosion.

I can only work on this when I'm quiet, apparently -- quiet inside and out -- and I've hit the hump with the launch for An Inheritance of Ashes where there's still a whole lot to do before the book hits shelves (and even more through the fall and winter in terms of appearances and travel) but a lot of it is starting to show results. I did my first Word on the Street Festival as an author as well as a reader Sunday. The two-week blog tour is rolling out. Over half of the trade reviews are in (and pretty nicely complimentary, which was very reassuring).

By the end of the night, I'm still tired, but there's a little space of quiet in my head, and there is drafting again.


I don't understand my male protagonist very well yet -- he still hasn't stepped forward with a name -- but I think I've got my female protagonist down just fine. Mostly her tonight, subtexting away. This is growing in shards, just like Errantry did; either that's the process right now or the upshot of my completely scattered attention. Either way, going to keep building it like a pearl. Bits on layers.

Goodnight. :)

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