Nov. 8th, 2004

At this rate, NanoReviseMo may end up being NanoReviseWeek. I think my eyes are aching.

November 7, 2004 Progress Notes )

Also, we finally have a tentative title for the book, continuing my trend of not seeing things that are right in front of me until nice people like [ profile] matociquala and [ profile] jaimevoss point them out to me.

We're calling this beast Toronto, Underground. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

Now that I have this titling thing and most of the manuscript out of the way, it becomes apparent that the only thing standing between me and sending this book out is my own cowardice. The book is clean; I've barely tweaked anything this pass except enforcing something like a standard timeline on it (November does not have six weeks) and cleaning up little loose bits of prose here and there, clarifying motivations, bringing a few clues forward more. It's good. It's ready for prime time. I'm...not so much.

I want this. I really do: whenever I shelve the B shelf at work, I give the space where this book will be a little pat. I am capable of doing this; hell, I'm going to do this. And that terrifies me. I only dragged myself out of my hole to do third pass because the [ profile] sandwichboy of all people gave me a deadline and is enforcing it. We here in Leah's head hope that this novel stuff gets easier with time, or I will be on anxiety medication in no time flat: I can't shake the thought of how if I sell this, I have to write more of them, and they can't suck. My Suck Privileges will be suspended.

And yet, I want this so very much. Sometimes it just takes a few people kicking me in the ass to remind me that I want this more.

Forward the draft.

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