Jul. 6th, 2004

Back from Toronto Trek, and had a decent time. Usually this is a weird convention for me -- I was going as an attendee before I ever went as a writer -- and I have to keep my focus so I don't flip-flop bizarrely between professional and drooling geek all weekend. It wasn't so much work this time, partially because there was less going on to geek out about: the panel options had been heavily reduced due to the con being in a new (smaller?) venue. I found myself with hours at a stretch where there was nothing I particularly wanted to do, and sitting in room parties drinking with ogling, unattractive, unshowered, drunken fanboys loses its charm quite quickly. So we went out for some leisurely lunches, hung out in the bar a bit, talked shop. It was theorized that this convention-wide mehness was a form of Worldcon Burnout: that the community is still recovering from the energy put into Torcon last August. I'm just hoping it's a little more exciting next year.

The other unfortunate thing was that the Convention Plague waz particularly harsh this year: [livejournal.com profile] sandwichboy, [livejournal.com profile] sarcasm_hime, Stuart, and various manifold others were sick to different degrees of violence this year. I spent a chunk of Saturday putting rice and soup into my poor sick boy and sending him to bed. Alas. :(

We're both feeling better today now that we're back at home with our bouncy bed and our shiny kitchen and our stuff. I didn't realize just how in love I am with this apartment. Apparently I get anxious when we're seperated. *grin*

Took it easy today until I had to go to class: mostly backed up files like a madwoman, because the computer informs me that the hard drive is on the verge of melting (ungood). I take it into the shop when I can figure out if it's under warrantee, but it seems to be holding together nicely. Fingers are crossed.

And now dinner needs to come out of the oven and into my stomach. Excuse me. :)

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