May. 3rd, 2004

Yes, it's been a little while since I posted. Mostly I've been busy, and mostly it's just been that interesting for the past few weeks. Easily summed up in the following: work, exams, (very little) sleep, running around prepping for move, some occasional social time. Renewed my workshop membership, got my new sewing machine, signed up for my summer course (Morphology) and got the invoice for it. Very little fiction fits in there, and although I have good reasons for that, there's an angry guiltmonkey at my shoulder pulling my hair all the time.

Exams are over now, and so that's one thing struck off the large-scale list. I'm trying to make the best of my day off and mail stories, do my slush, clean the apartment, do some sewing on the skirt I'm making for [ profile] porphyrin, maybe get some words in. It's looking decent so far; I've already accomplished half my small-scale to do list (albeit the easy items). If things ever calm down around here, I'll also have book reports to post: the one thing I seem to be making time for these days is reading, reading, reading.

Work is, of late, fraught with stupid, inexplicable politics. I didn't think 5-6 employees could generate this much political action, but it's happening, and I'm getting worried about whether this was the right decision for a job. There are things I really just can't take from a work environment, and that's one of them, especially when it's spatting over unnecessary or stupid things that could easily be cleared up if people just sat down and talked about them. Hopefully it'll clear up. If not, it could be a long summer.

Still don't know how to end Love in the Age of...

Still stuck and wading through mud on the novel.

Still fussing about all of this.


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