Apr. 18th, 2004

1) Playoff hockey, every night. For example, right now the Calgary Flames have come back from a four-goal deficit to tie the Vancouver Canucks and it's going to overtime. These sort of things require my attention.

2) Work, which also requires my attention. I'm getting about thirty hours a week now.

3) Moving. We're very likely getting our approval for the new apartment on Monday, and the past week has been very much about cleaning this place so we don't lose the deposit and have to eat ramen for a month. Cleaning lesson of the day: fridges should be defrosted more often than once every two years. I mean, ew.

4) Exams. They're in two weeks, and one really should study a touch for them.

5) Writing. I've fallen down hard on the 1k-A-Day plan, but I'm getting it some days and catching up when I can. Also turning out a bit of poetry this week.

6) City of Heroes. Like crack, only massively multiplayer. Woe is me for being on the beta of something this addictive.

7) Sewing. [livejournal.com profile] sarcasm_hime and I made a fabric run last week, and hemming things without the aid of a machine is...well, it takes time, let's say that and no more. I tend to get one seam done in two hours, but it's a very nicely stitched, even, and pretty seam.

8) Sleeeeeeeeep.

...and then there are people attempting to lure me into a social life, and a bit of gaming that we're actually doing these days, and...yeah. Better coverage, a few book reports, and some other progress notes when I have the time and energy.

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