Jan. 11th, 2004

So the essay got done, even though it took me until about 11:00am the next day. We went through the Six Stages of Essay Writing (including fear, denial, anger, grief...eventually wending our way towards acceptance) and by the time it was done I was exhausted and deluded enough to actually think that it's good. I haven't looked at it since I fell into bed on Thursday afternoon (and slept until Friday). I don't plan to. I'll find out how good it is next Thursday, when they're handed back. Right now I'm just happy there will not be a big fat zero on something worth that much of a course mark. Phew.

Now that I'm through the first week the new courses look good. Women in Eastern Religion has a funky kind of setup: half the class is lecture and half group discussion, and we're to post and discuss our discussion notes on a group livejournal that has been set up by the professor. Most of our marks come from what content we post in this journal. That's really neat. :) The structure of the thing makes it seem like it'll be a lot of reading weekly, but not huge amounts of work. I am content.

The second, English Words, is as expected about etymology. It's kind of about the process of words adopting into a language too, and it has enough technical linguistic content to make me happy. Only thing making me worry there is the marking scheme: 35% for the midterm, 50% for the exam, and a piddling 15% for coursework. Eee. I'm not a good test taker.

Friday (predictably) our game night was yet again cancelled, so a whole brigade of us squeezed into Danny's car and went to the good hot pot restaurant. Afterwards we watched Minority Report. I fell asleep halfway through, and that is my only review of said movie. Although it's possible that all those infodumps, so close together, battered me into unconsciousness.

Most of the weekend's been given to apartment-cleaning and reading (half for class, half for fun). I polished off another Shinn book (The Alleluia Files) which had definite issues: sure, she didn't use the regular stupid stock romance plot as her main storyline, but every time I heard someone speak solemnly about The Alleluia Files I cracked up. I mean, it just conjured this image of Fox Mulder with angel wings. I'm laughing just thinking about it. :)

Roupen, however, decided that last night would be the night I collected on my Winter Holiday Of Your Choice present. So he took me to my first live NHL game. :) Eee. They lost, but eh. It was incredibly fun, and we shall get Jersey next time, precious. It's funny how there are people even more loud and abrasive than I am. There was this one guy a few rows behind us (and we had decent seats for rush tickets, by the way) who kept backseat driving the team. I seriously wanted to throw something at him by the third period.

There's also a certain peer pressure in going to a hockey game. I found myself feeling I do not own enough Leafs merchandise with which to display my allegiance. I mean, the arena was literally full, and half the people in there had jerseys. And flags. And hats. I am obviously not hardcore enough for this crowd.

Today we're probably going to keep cleaning (and I have to read and do yet more homework before tomorrow). Roupen has expressed a desire for brunch, so I doubt I'm getting any writing done today. I'll try to get a few hundred words tonight, though, once all the real life obligations are out of the way.

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