May 11, 2012 Progress Notes:

"Werewolves of Parkdale"

Words today: 400.
Words total: 400.
Reason for stopping: We want ice cream and it is almost midnight, and we want ice cream. So.

Darling du Jour: "Which one?" she said, not a little archly. Yes; ha ha. Guys with plaid shirts and facial hair were to Parkdale what sports cars are to Monaco. Or golden retrievers to Roncy. Or flatness to Saskatchewan.
Mean Things: Nothing so far, but I smell incipient ha ha only serious. Only I can take a story built on this much sheer ridiculous jokey shit and make it serious. :p

Research Roundup: Supermoon! The music schedule at the Gladstone Melody Bar on Sunday mornings, and an image reference, since I'm not there right now. The lyrics to Cat Power's "Werewolf Song". Damian Abraham's beard.
Books in progress: China Mieville, Railsea.

This story actually started, finally started after almost a year of talking shit about it, at One Hour Cafeteria over noodles and white gourd tea and dumplings. They have beanbag chairs here, and good wifi. It's like a tastier extension of the Robarts Library second-floor study room.

It is all, start to finish and the middle bits too, [ profile] sora_blue's fault.

Okay, some of it's [ profile] subject_zero's fault too.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this. Maybe five people in the universe will actually get all the jokes. Totally unpublishable.


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