July 10, 2012 Progress Notes:

"Fear of Falling"

Words today: 100.
Words total: 100.
Reason for stopping: Draft.

Books in progress: Gemma Files, A Tree of Bones

A short poem, and lightning-fast, unlike all the stuff I've been slowly chewing at for the last two weeks (and yes, I have been chewing at things; just not in quantities sufficient or with satisfaction sufficient to post metrics about it). It's not speculative, so that lets out the usual markets. I'll have to figure out what to do with it when I'm back from Readercon.

Which is a nice segue into: I am going to Readercon! Here is my con schedule! And after that, on the 18th, I am reading at KGB! One week of authoring in the Americas!

Anyone heading out to either? Do I see you there?
Actually, in a few ways!

Most of the spare time around here in the past few weeks has gone towards the line edits for Above, which showed up before the holidays and are due in a couple weeks. It's reminding me a lot of cramming for exams: I wake up and shower and change into clean pajamas, and then sit at my desk for the next eight to ten hours drinking tea and eating takeout and shoving against the task at hand.

Some of the rest of it went to seeing Peter Watts, Caitlin Sweet, and Karin Lowachee read at the Chiaroscuro Reading Series on Tuesday night. This was fun. Many persons of quality were in attendance, including two of the [livejournal.com profile] ideomancer posse (Claire Humphrey and Michael Colangelo). While the venue (Augusta House) doesn't have all that much in the way of a beer selection, it has some incredible atmosphere and is a great room for giving a reading.

So it makes me pretty happy that I'm going to be reading at the next one, alongside Ed Greenwood, Michelle Sagara West, and Robert J. Sawyer.

I haven't actually ever given an outside-of-convention reading before, and I've never really given one in my home town. I'm still deciding what to read. There may be a poll in the near future.

This, though? I think it will be fun, and if you are a local sort I encourage you to come out and hang and introduce yourself.

That being said, I should probably get back to cramming now. :p

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