Dec. 14th, 2004

Progress, finally, on my weekend: the Psyche and Eros story is finished and tentatively titled "Mending" although that should change, and Toronto Book now has a synopsis (written last night). If anyone who's read the beast and knows what for about synopses is willing to look at it, I would be much obliged. And possibly sing your name in a favourable cast. Things like that. *g*

When I'm feeling kind of dry for ideas like I have this fall, it's funny how I go back to some old habits I formed at 12 or 13. I never used to write without a candle or something; don't ask me why. I just did it. Now, when I'm feeling like I'm spinning my wheels and every word is like passing a bladder stone, I find myself pulling the candles out of the drawer and setting them up on my desk. Since I moved into this apartment and started using my tea again, I can't seem to write without a cup of tea at my elbow. These are weird crutches, placebos, meaningless things (well, maybe not the tea; keeps me from getting up for a drink), but they seem to work. I'm not sure what it is about them that relaxes me enough to get past whatever I'm winding myself up about and just do this thing. Yet I'm worried about getting a little too dependent on them: I run out of tea and I'm screwed. *g* Do you guys have similar little rituals and habits, and how much success has everyone had in working without?

Some thoughts on reading habits )

In other news, spent time with family this week, acquired a breadbox (although not the $80 Bread Bunker that Williams-Sonoma was pushing), successfully made pears poached in red wine, got a step further on working out the new website, worked too much, and foolishly neglected to do the laundry (which I will not have time for tomorrow, either). Am hoping tonight will be slow at work and I can get home early, because the deadline for Polyphony is tomorrow and I still don't have anything packed up for it.

And I'm off.

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