Nov. 13th, 2004


Nov. 13th, 2004 02:37 pm
After that binge, I have celebrated by spending the rest of the week doing nothing that resembles writing. Even though the guiltmonkey is already jumping on my back, reminding me that I have to revise and send out Towers. And resume work on either the Victorian book or Claire de Lune. I seem to be good for one novel a year, but the guiltmonkey does not take that excuse. Besides, without a project I get antsy: not just a project, a writing project.

Have started the Second Job and like it so far. Going in for my second shift in an hour or so: I leave an hour after the boy and come back an hour before him. In the scheduling of our lives, this seems to work out well. I have four shifts a week at present, which leaves me with a day and a half off (Sunday off, Monday only four hours in the morning at Bakka) and mornings/late nights to write. It'll be an adjustment.

I actually have a Writing Content That Is Interesting To Others post brewing in my head, but I will save it for tonight. When I don't have to go to work soon.

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