Nov. 7th, 2004

My butt is finally gotten up off of, and the third draft is finally started. Hence, we give you the return of:

November 7, 2004 Progress Notes )

Also did a second draft on The Eddystone Daughters and packed it up to go out in the mail tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was the [ profile] sandwichboy's birthday, which he somehow managed to get off work even though he'll probably be working six days a week for the next two months as the holiday rush hits. After doing some visiting, acquiring his present (Peter's Behemoth: B-max in hardcover, as the boy is recently a huge drooling fan of the Rifters series), and random socializing, we went out for his birthday dinner. Hence, we also give you Foodporn.

The restaurant was Reds Bistro, as recommended by one or two of the guys the boy works with who used to/still do work there as well. They have their menu and wine list online, so you can play along if you want. *grin*

Wine: Sumac Ridge 2000 Merlot, which was peppery and high in tannins and not the sort of thing I'd usually go for at all, but absolutely wonderful. It was also a 13.8%, which explains how I felt when I woke up. *grin*

Amuse-bouche: Fresh cold crabmeat with a bit of mango coulis, a jalapeno pepper, and a thin slice of apple. Simple, and meant you got to taste the crabmeat with three or four different complement-combinations. Very Iron Chef. Were very impressed.

My appetiser: From the tasting menu and now gone, a Fig-Goat Cheese terrine, served with greens, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and a balsamic reduction. I like terrines because they're play-food: it's all now how does it taste with this and this?. Roupen opined that this was not a cheap dish; figs are a dollar each at the market, although we're not sure how much they'd be wholesale. Overall, was very subtle. Every combination worked, both on a flavour and texture level. Happiness abounded.

Boy's appetizer: Grilled shrimp and papaya salad with coriander/lemon dressing. I didn't get to taste much of this, which probably says something. The shrimp were very, very large. The part I did taste was lovely.

My main: Magret of Duck with Black Currant Sauce, Goat Cheese and Tarragon Roll, Sautéed Spinach with Pine Nuts, Roast Cipollini. Ohhh. Just...ohhh. I have a thing for duck (as previously noted), and it was all tender and perfect and good and the black currant sauce was incredible. We were already home last night, and I was still cheerfully going: "I had black currants. You didn't." to the boy. The roll was a neat idea: goat cheese and tarragon in a very thin baked spring roll wrapper. Spinach also had a bit of garlic to it, and the presentation was wonderful. Pine nuts were roasted just to the point of almost-burned, so you got a kind of smoky flavour with them. Cipollini were just melty in your mouth, sweet and not just oniony.

Again, I felt that my food was vastly superior to the boy's food.

Boy's main: Roast elk tenderloin. I'm not remembering a lot of what this came with (except the killer jus), because it was on the table d'hote menu which changed between last night and today. The boy got this on the rationale that he hasn't tried elk before ever, and the fact that it would be, well, gone tomorrow so may as well do it now. Bit I tried was very tender, incredibly melt in your mouth. My food was still better. *g*

My dessert: Creme brulee with fresh berries. I think this might have been the only course where the boy did better than I did, but I have a weakness for creme brulee. Severe weakness.

Boy's dessert: Molten Belgian Chocolate Lava Cake with a liquid ganache centre. This takes 20 minutes to make, which meant we lingered a bit over the last of our bottle of wine. I tried a bit and it was very worth the wait. Really good quality chocolate, and it came out right, not floppy as the lava cakes used to at the boy's old work.

At this point we were also treated to a glass each of ice wine by one of the guys Roupen works with who works at Reds too. :) Which was very, very nice. I think it was a Riesling and not a Vidal, but I was a little far gone into the Happy Food Place at that point, and honestly could not tell at all.

That's the Foodporn: not as course-intensive as my birthday dinner, but totally made up for it in quality. I know where I'm going to celebrate if I sell this book. :)

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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