Oct. 28th, 2004

Did Everything, Ever yesterday.

Cleaned the kitchen, went to the bank, mailed contracts, handed out resumes, did laundry, cooked and ate a good dinner, tried to fix my sewing machine, got fed up, and hand-sewed the skirt I'm making until the point where I realized I don't have any interfacing, cleaned out my inbox of e-mails I had to return (I'm a little horrendous at correspondence some months), got groceries, poked some stories, and still managed to kill brain with computer games for a good few hours before bed.

Everything. Ever.

Today the [livejournal.com profile] sandwichboy doesn't start work until 4pm, which is an hour of unexpected luxury in my life. This will be balanced by the fact that he's working until 1:30am, but...we'll take our extra daylight hour together and like it. Once he is gone, I plan to:

-- Get interfacing and push to finish the skirt, while minimizing wallet damage caused by being in a fabric store.
-- Bake a chocolate sour cream cake, because I have sour cream now. And am almost out of brownies.
-- More slow, cumulative apartment-cleaning.
-- Revise something, be it Toronto Book or Towers. If I can't produce new material I can still clean up the old stuff.

And by the way, there's a poll opening here: If Toronto Book was your book, what the hell would you title it? I spent an hour lying in bed last night, wide awake and pondering titles, and I must conclude that I have no clue. Just that it can't stay Toronto Book. Argh.


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