Oct. 23rd, 2004

Today is the first sunny day in a week and a half. I woke up surprised that the sky wasn't grey.

I have on my desk Ghosts in the Snow by Tamara Siler Jones, which I critted in first draft on the workshop and have been looking forward to reading very much. [livejournal.com profile] karentraviss's Crossing the Line comes out this month, and I will snag a copy once we get it into the store. Happy happy happy, even if this means I'll probably have to do more receiving. *grin*

(One wonders why I haven't worked in a bookstore before. I mean, it seems like a logical thing for me to do, but it's never a place I looked to work before. Two months now and I'm still: Woo! I'm going to work! Yay!)

The last week and a half don't really bear comment. That's why I didn't post anything: nothing really happened. Grey skies, work, computer games, house cleaning. I had a dream in which my parents moved to Ottawa and I had to move too, and it took a while to remember (upon waking) that yes, I do live in my own home with my boy and didn't have to go anywhere I didn't want to. Have been occasionally marvelling since then: I live here. I have my own place where I live. Also, a bird crashed into the window and had to be fed and revived on the balcony; that took up half an afternoon.

Today is groceries, and [livejournal.com profile] jelynne's annual Oktoberfest party, and a rare whole weekend with the boy. And words, if something decides to get a plot. I've realized I don't know anyone in Claire de Lune well enough, and am thinking of ways to find out. The river story still doesn't have a plot even though it's inching towards one, and the Oscar Wilde pastiche wants for direction. We are all floating, quietly, moving nowhere, not inclined to move anywhere.

Going to sit in the sun with a book and read and think. I'm sure it'll all come to me soon.

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