Sep. 16th, 2004

First off:

September 16, 2004 progress notes )

First week of classes are behind me, and so far, so good. There's one (Language and Society) that's going to be a snore: it's not at all what the course description said it was, more a crash course for anthropology majors in linguistics. So until the last two lectures, stuff I already know in my sleep. I may stick with it anyways for those last two lectures, and because it couldn't hurt to get an easy mark, and because otherwise I have to rearrange my schedule and that's a pain. Besides, it counts towards my required credits.

Most everything else looks very shiny. I get to do actual research fieldwork this year for Syntax and Sociolinguistics. Fieldwork! Squee! *g*

Have gone to see two Midnight Madness films at the film festival in the past week: Ghost in the Shell 2 and Kontroll (which is Hungarian). Both very, very cool. The director/producer/writer/chief guy of Kontroll told us last night that it's been picked up by a distributor, so keep an eye out for it in the next year or so. Way. Way. Cool. We have tickets for another one tonight; I will be a walking zombie tomorrow morning for class, I'm sure.

So far today have made the tomato soup (finally!), ascertained that we have no food in the house and drawn up a shopping list, did the final requested revisions on "Bliss" for On Spec, called a variety of family people about a variety of things and made with the wordcount. Still pending are the cleaning of the kitchen (catwaxing), doing a load or two of laundry (catwaxing), reading another chunk of the Shakespeare for class tomorrow (coursework, so important, but still catwaxing) and working on more of Toronto Book (what all the catwaxing is trying to keep me away from). Then, film at eleven. No, literally. :)

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