May. 27th, 2004

...that is, once I move. :p

Thanks so much to everyone who dropped a comment or an e-mail re: the sales. I'm pretty hyped about it now, but I've realized that I can't really get excited about anything on a Wednesday (after four straight days of opening at work and late nights for class and cleaning). I mean, we have the keys to our new place as of yesterday and have started moving things in; we're discussing where we're going to put what in what is our first home (vs. Place I Live) and boxing up our books, clothes, etc. We've bought ourselves a real bed (vs. futon) and my parents, in a fit of kindness, bought us a whole set of linens for it sans provocation. I can't even get excited about that right now, what with having had to finish an assignment for class tonight last-minute and work through the holiday weekend at both the store and Anime North.

Yeah, Anime North was last weekend. I'll do the con report sometime soonish, but that's a story for another day.

I am, however, running out of things to do on the To Do list. Or perhaps, running out of large-scale things to do. I can't really write down move all your shit to the new place before Tuesday afternoon in a methodical listy manner, and so the actual list has been shrinking. This disconcerts me for some reason. I fear that when the list is actually concluded and the major stressful tasks finished, my brain will still be casting around for things I need to do now now now! because it's used to being in that mode.

There's a bit of an upside to that, though: I've been somehow getting words this week in between all the stress and fuss and juggling. They're sloggy words, and I think they'll be ones to look at hard on the second draft, but they're 1000 words a day on the book. I may yet finish this thing before the century is out.

So today was work and then class and words and moving and dessert with Roupen (strawberry rhubarb pie and a nice glass of an Australian Shiraz that he said wouldn't match but did just fine, thank you), and tomorrow will be helping Chris and Ysabet move followed by more of our moving and probably more words. It's busy, and it's going to be a busy busy week. But it's good. We're moving. :)

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