Feb. 23rd, 2004

So I did end up going to the gathering Saturday night, and it was okay: talked to some people, had bubble tea and a good wakame salad (even though the service at said bubble tea place was shit), and unfortunately missed the train back home. We had to call Stuart to pick us up, which he (reasonably) didn't seem too happy about. However, [livejournal.com profile] sarcasm_hime got a message (while calling Stuart) about another illustration job, so Go Team Art!

Sunday we actually woke up at a decent hour, and met a whole bunch of people for crepes on Queen. It was a good (if expensive) lunch which took entirely longer than it should have, and then we bummed around at various places on Queen and wasted time. The highlight of this excursion was probably the discovery of Small Batman at The Silver Snail. Small Batman is a Batman Lego Man. He comes in a little cute box along with Small Azrael, Small Robin, Small Mr. Freeze, etc. Although Small Batman is very cute and small and looks kind of frowny, he still manages to fight crime! Go Small Batman!

(I desire Small Batman with a burning geek desire that cannot be explained to mortal man. But it was $10 for one little lego man, and even Small Batman cannot defeat The Budget.)

Also located at the Snail was a pretty well-articulated figurine of Amano's version of Elektra. I looked this up and down and decided I could probably do it as a costume without much difficulty. I'll have to find some reference pictures and examine the angles better, but it's pretty simple-looking: no funky bosom-engineering to make them defy gravity, no construction, no trillions of colours of fabric which one can only find off eBay for the cost of one's right arm...looks good.

So after a very brief trip to the fabric store (for black stretch cotton; they didn't have it and everything was closing) we headed back homewards, hung out with Michael, Gemma, and Stephen and Maral for a while before they had a film meeting for a new project of theirs, and headed off to Shelley's party.

Shelley's party was pretty good. We stayed much too late, there was quite a bit of carping about work (although it seems both front of house and back of house staff have things to carp about in the privacy of their own parties) and my hair probably still reeks of smoke: restaurant people smoke way, way, way too much.

So this was my social weekend, wherein I still managed to receive 1000 words of work, one rejection, one cheque, and one copy of Robin McKinley's Sunshine, which is so good I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about sneaking off to the bathroom with it. I doubt I will want human company until May or so; I'm pretty wiped out by all this.

The List has expired (it no longer being reading week), and so I'm back to the grind...

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