Feb. 15th, 2004

Valentine's weekend was okay: we bummed around and watched movies and did absolutely nothing related to commercially-motivated expressions of the kind of affection we should express anyways. Roupen did bring me a flower and some iced tea and a bottle of Bailey's after work last night, but he claims it had nothing to do with the day and that he just felt like buying me presents. I'll take that at face value. ;)

Right now he's off to work again (got called in on the day off, but we'd half-expected it to happen; there are something like 100 covers just on reservations tonight). As I finished my midterm and am now officially on reading week, with lo, seven-and-change days without commitment nor schedule, I'm starting to hash out exactly what needs doing before I'm back to school.

To Do List, for personal use )

That's my working list, effective until the 23rd. I'm pretty sure what's on my plate is enough to keep me busy for a week or so. I doubt I'll get it all done, but we can make a noble try. And maybe posting it in public will be motivating; after all, it sucks to have to say I did nothing for a week in public. ;) I'll attempt to post progress reports on the List every once in a while, or at least if/when I have something else interesting to say.

In other news, story today to Fortean Bureau and possibly one tomorrow to Realms of Fantasy. I'm not sure if I want to send it; I know Shawna dislikes multisubs and I'm pretty sure the one I sent this batch is going up to her (read a month ago, no rejection in my mail). However, as [livejournal.com profile] tanaise pointed out, I have no guarantee that the second one will be passed up, or that it will be read in any proximity to the first (depending on how long the next batch takes, etc.). May send it anyways. Waffling.

The Strange Horizons Readers' Poll is currently taking votes. Go vote. You know you want to. :)

That's about all. I should get on that list now.

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