Jan. 13th, 2004


Jan. 13th, 2004 06:27 pm
Fairly unremarkable few days here: cooking, eating, classes, reading, bleh. Some writing has occurred (on a few in-progress things and a new story) and I did get a rejection apiece from Asimov's and Scifiction today, both asking to see more.

What I'm noodling around with today, though, is summer courses. I finally got my mark for my Phonetics class (70%, woo!) and the preliminary summer course calendar is posted, so I'm trying to figure out good courses to take for a summer semester. You're allowed to take 2 credits worth of classes in the summer (I think) and I've found a few that look like a good fit: Shakespeare (1 credit), Language and Society, and Morphology (each 0.5 credits). These are all things I need for my degree, but the problem is that both half-courses are in the first half of the semester (May 17-June 25). Good enough, one says. No real distractions for the later half of the summer and lots of time to prep for Worldcon. But...six weeks. Three courses in six weeks. I mean, I'm good, but it's entirely possible I'm not that good. Maybe that isn't such a great idea.

Hockey in an hour, and I'm going to try and pick up around here while the game's on (cleaning is one of the good hockey-watching activities; sewing is another). Good eve, folks.

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